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Nov. 12th, 2004 @ 10:16 am The whole tank thing.
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Summary: A couple of APVs show up at an anti-war rally. Protesters get excited. Some stand in front of the APVs yelling, etc. Police yell at them to get off the street. APVs leave. Video is posted on the internet. Bloggers get excited. APV drivers claim that they got lost on the way to a Veteran's Day thing and that protesters were "not very nice." Some bloggers bitch about APVs using public roadways. Some protesters bitch at their fellow protesters for being mean to the military guys. A fun time is had by all.

I do like this response. Maybe I'm biased as I have a soft spot for NCOs.
Robo Cop Response

I a Non Commissioned Officer that was in the so-called tanks, which to be correct they are Light Armored Vehicles, I would just like to let everyone that has read your article know, we were not sent out in response of any protest. I do believe that in this country we all have the right to gather peacefully and voice our opinions. I take great pride in that, why else would I join the very thing that ensures us of that right. I mean the US Marines who have been safe guarding this nation from all enemies that would attempt to take those very rights the group last night was exercising. I would just like to add that there is nothing wrong with protesting a war you feel is wrong, but there is something very wrong, when during your protest of that war to wish harm on those young men and women who have sworn an oath to protect you and to make it so you can go out a voice your opinion. I think it is amazing how so many people protest us for doing our jobs. Did any of you know that in Iraq before we were there they would not gather to voice their dislike of Saddam policies do you think it because they like the policies... or maybe because they knew that if they did protest him tanks would show up and it wouldn’t be because they took the wrong turn off the highway and need to find there way to a celebration of freedom, and to honor those men and women who serve the very people who protest them. They would be there to, an I am sorry to say, kill them. Well not in this country, not on my watch. So, please voice your opinions yell them out, but in the future don’t jump to conclusions, and please for safety reasons don’t jump in front a tank, or any type of armored vehicle it just not safe or very smart. I also hope that you would support your troops we would prefer to be home, but we don’t leave until our job is done and done right because then the deaths suffered on both side are for nothing. I really hope that every who reads this will take the true meaning of my response. Which is I love this country, I love the people of this great place, I love the liberties we have, and I would fight against all who tried to take those liberties from us whether it be some rouge nation or if it where right here. We are not your enemy we are your shield we lay our lives down so you may be free. Thank You

Author: Joe Palacios
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